7 reasons why your company should apply for Small Business Awards

Small business awards and why they matter

Applying for small business awards is not just for companies who have long tenure, a massive market, or established contacts and reach. It affords benefits that small and even fairly new businesses should consider looking into early on. As a small business owner, you may be erring when you consider this the least of your priorities. It is right that your focus is on establishing and managing your day to day operations. Naturally, your best efforts and time are prioritized around getting your business name out there and reaching more customers. Well, applying for (and not just winning) small business awards helps you along those lines. How?

1. Exposure and free promotions are on your side

It helps you expose, promote and market your business. With a highly saturated and competitive business environment today, a small business needs all the exposure it can get. Just by participating in these events, you put your name out and increase your presence out there. Customers and prospective business partners will get to know your business thrust and ethics, which is great for increasing your reach as well as resources.

2. Gain credibility in the marketplace

It gives you credibility. Whether you win or just earn a nomination, that’s a great plus to your business. You increase trust and belief in your product or service. You can rightfully and convincingly put the information out there. You increase your credibility as you declare the nominations and awards through your web banners, blog posts, business cards, and social media.

3. Get validation through small business awards

It validates your efforts. Getting nominated and/or winning small business awards validate all the hard labour you’ve put into your business. The nomination alone is a greatly encouraging pat on the back. It officially confirms that you’re doing it right and that all those efforts are paying off. That’s an essential morale boost that refreshes your mind, strengthens you, and inspires you to persevere in what you’re doing.

4. Make your operations more appealing to others who want to work for you

It helps you recruit the right people. Quality candidates will find their way to you. Serious employees are attracted to businesses of good repute and performance. The nominations and awards you have been collecting assure them that joining your company is a great option for their career.

5. Proper business planning and strategy pays off

It helps with your business planning and strategy. Applying for small business awards helps you re-purpose and refocus your business. As you fill out the application, you take time to evaluate the state and direction of your business. Deep thoughts can arise with each question that is laid out before you. Nomination forms tend to ask probing questions that make you analyze and think about your market, your lead generation, and even your compliance.

6. Employee morale and value matters

It improves employee performance and value. The recognition you gain boosts not just your morale but that of your employees. They get validation and increased credibility as well. As the business gets nominated and wins awards, employees become more invested in time and efforts. With increased credibility, they also get more customers to use your product or avail of your services.

7. Stand out from your competitors the right way

It separates your business among other competitors. Having nominations and small business awards attached to your name gives it a unique identity. People find you distinct from the rest. The market is likely to compare sellers and providers. And with the qualifications and recognition you’ve gained so far, you make it easy for customers to decide on choosing your business. A small or young business like yours can reap these 7 benefits. So don’t reserve making applications for a later time when you can do it now.

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